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Are you ready for Ecoquest?

Ecoquest is a unique ecological, outdoor adventure program for grade eight students in the Saskatoon Public School Division that provides active and challenging learning experiences. With Saskatchewan's diverse landscape as the classroom, Ecoquest students participate in field studies that bring the curriculum to life through exciting experiences and first hand exploration. The students, who come from a variety of public schools, work cooperatively and form a close community as they share exciting experiences and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of environmental and social issues.

The Ecoquest Experience

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P.A. National Park

The boreal forest and its spectacular fall colors will be our home as we explore the protected ecosystem of the national park. We will explore trails and backroads to access extraordinary regions of natural habitat that have survived the pressures of agriculture and industry. This unforgettable four day quest is vital to our student's examination of their Sense of Place in the Saskatchewan community and within our diverse ecoregions.

Churchill River System

The spectacular scenery of the precambrian shield will be our home as we paddle the mighty Churchill River. This final trip of the year provides an experience that is unique and very gratifying to students. Students will camp at spectacular rapids, visit waterfalls, and observe ancient rock paintings, all while learning how to navigate the tapestry of lakes on our route. Students will study geology and boreal forest ecology while involved in an adventure that is unparalleled. 

Duck Mountain Provincial Park

The mixed wood forest and knob and kettle landscape provide the backdrop for a spring four day backpacking trip in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Students carry all of their gear on their back for this hut to hut journey. This trip provides an opportunity for students to explore the emerging flora in a unique ecosystem.